These apps will make you more productive and time efficient

Whether you are working on a project, quote, tracking time on jobs, or organizing project costs, we have you covered with a full range of apps designed for you – the skilled trades professional.

Snow Removal/Tracker

Manage your snow removal business and keep track of the work done for clients immediately, all on your iPhone or iPad. Special features help manage documentation for your clients’ liability and litigation concerns. Cost: $9.99 USD plus available sales taxes.

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Project streamlines your business and lets you work faster by managing all of your projects from start to finish on your iPad. Create estimates and track all project details, from client meeting notes, to labour, materials, payables and receivables – from wherever you work. Cost: $49.99 USD plus applicable sales taxes.

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Win more business by creating your quotes instantly, whatever field you are in. Produce a customized estimate, a scope of work, or a formal quotation for your clients with all of your important pricing data at your fingertips – all while on-site with your client. Send the quote or confirm it immediately with an electronic signature. Cost: $19.99 USD plus applicable sales taxes.

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Make it easy to manage and share your project schedules and move away from planning on a desktop. With this simple visual tool, just add your activities, dates, and resources to create project timelines, charts, and reports, which are easily understood by everyone. Cost: $14.99 USD plus applicable sales taxes.

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Job Cost

Never let jobs get away from you. Keep all project details with each job – meeting notes, customer change requests, supplier invoices and customer billing – and your real-time costs and profit always stay up to date and at your fingertips. Always know your bottom line. Cost: $19.99 USD plus applicable sales taxes.

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The success and scalability of the solution you deliver will depend on your client and team’s ability to use it! We work to help you create a solution with an emphasis on fluid user experiences that leads strong retention after your app is downloaded and put into practice.

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