Food Lover

An app for people who love food and are interested in their health and nutrition.

  • Program for balancing macronutrients to stimulate fat burning.
  • Countless meal suggestions to inspire healthy food relationships.
  • Practical understanding of the Balance Factor tool.
  • Access to nutritional information of over 5,500 foods.
  • Direct access to the nutritional website: 4 the Luv of Food Café.

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Testimonials & Reviews

I have lost a ton of weight and feel more energetic...

  • by Shirley Alberga
  • , Not Provided
I heard about The Food Palette from a friend. I was feeling depressed as it seemed that whatever I did, it was impossible to deal with my sugar diabetes properly. I kept upping the medication, as the doctor ordered, but it did no good and I knew that I was heading towards insulin injections.. Anyhow, suffice to say that I started going to the meetings for The Food Palette. I found that the lectures provided me with information that I didn’t know, or had skimmed over. I followed the eating plan that we were given and started feeling better within…

since I have been using the 4 the luv of food formula, my blood sugars have stabilized...

  • by Enza Falzone
  • , Caledon, Ontario
I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis 8 years ago. Over the years I have had three surgeries and I have tried several hormonal therapies that just seem to be bandaid solutions. The hormone therapies used to suppress my hormones have caused my blood sugars to spike uncontrollably. I learned that insulin is a hormone so now wonder my blood sugars were out of control! I met Shannon just over one year ago where I learned about the 4 the luv of food program. This program has taught me to pair foods to keep my blood sugar in check. It…

I have noticed that I am not as hungry as I was and I am craving less junk and carbs.

  • by Karly Hisey
  • , Not provided
Hope you had a great long weekend the weather was beautiful! I have noticed that I am not as hungry as I was and I am craving less junk and carbs. I am full and don’t want to raid the cupboards when I get home from work like I use to. I am wanting fats tho like butter and I have never craved that before and meat which I haven’t ever craved it use to be breads and sugar and candy and chocolate. But I don’t care for any of that the dark chocolate but be satisfying for my body…

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