Dairy Health Check

A cow-side SCC milk testing app for dairy farmers

Our Dairy Health Check app gives you instant, accurate cow health data right in the palm of your hand. Reduce unnecessary antibiotic treatments, and medical and third-party milk testing costs with instant somatic cell count (SCC) and ketosis testing apps, as well as our data aggregation modules, SCC Impact Reports and PregTest Tracker.

SCC Check (formerly called Dairy SCC), turns your iPhone or iPod into a mobile testing lab with instant milk testing results, so you can immediately treat your cows or pull them from production.

The newest milk testing app, Ketosis Check, gives you real-time ketosis indication so you can detect subclinical or clinical ketosis before it affects your milk yields.

SCC Impact Reports generate a list of cows that have the highest impact on your bulk tank average. You can run the full herd list, or just report the top (highest) 20 cows, and use the aggregated data from the app to instantly make a decision about which cows to exclude from the tank.

Lab-Accurate Testing Results: a University of Guelph test study revealed the Dairy Health Check’s accuracy to be within 97% correlation to most international dairy somatic cell count (SCC) lab testing.

  • Milk Testing - Get instant SCC and Ketosis results when testing the milk of individual cows or bulk storage tanks.
  • Possible Pathogen Indication - Receive an indication of the possible pathogen causing high SCC results (consult your veterinarian for confirmation of pathogen).
  • Real-Time Data Storage - Store images, results, and records automatically.
  • SCC Impact Reports - Aggregate all of your SCC data for bulk tank averages.
  • Ketosis Check - Indications of clinical and subclinical ketosis.
  • Data Import and Export - Upload your data to your existing herd management software or email results directly to your veterinarian.
  • PregTest Tracker - Keep real-time, detailed records of breeding in your cow file and generate next heat, calving, and dry off dates.
  • Instant Cloud Storage - Optional instant, free cloud storage.
  • On-Demand Data - Access your secure data 24/7.
  • Global Data Aggregation - Optional data collection to aid in mastitis studies worldwide, complete with geo-location tag and weather information at time of milk sampling.
  • Multi-Language Support - English, Spanish, French, Turkish, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified).

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Testimonials & Reviews

Richlands Dairy Farm Inc.

  • by Brittany Jones M.S., Herd Manager - Richlands Dairy Farm Inc.
  • , Blackstone, VA
When I first began to use the Dairy Quality Inc. Dairy Health Check system, I’ll admit, I was skeptical. I had been previously relying on the CMT, monthly DHIA tests, on-farm culturing, and daily milking information. I thought how could this make my life easier and is it even accurate? Well, long story short, it’s great and has become a crucial part of my management decisions and practices. The Dairy Health Check system has helped me to significantly lower the herd SCC and keep it down. It has done this through allowing me to more easily identify chronic high somatic…

The Dairy Quality Health Check cell counter is a useful cow management tool for my farm.

  • by Rhonda Ware - Triple R Dairy Farm 260 Cows
  • , Crewe, VA
The Dairy Quality Health Check cell counter is a useful cow management tool for my farm. To be able to get immediate cell count information on my sick cows is useful to determine when to return her milk to the tank. Some of my treated cows have high counts for two weeks after antibiotic withholding has passed. I also check fresh cows at about two weeks fresh if they were elevated last lactation. The DHI information is somewhat old when I receive it, this counter gives me accurate numbers in a matter of minutes, so I can make management decisions…

Money well spent

  • by Tom Rapes - Trir Farms LLC
  • , New Era, Michigan
The Dairy Quality SCC tester is a great tool, I use it on a regular basis to get cell counts. In about five minutes you can have your results, no more waiting three days. It is money well spent in my opinion.

Real Benefits

  • by Gordon McKillop - The Nyangombe Project,
  • , Zambia
We have really benefitted from using the RT10. We have been able to isolate cattle from our milking animals with high SCC counts until the mastitis was cleared up (identified as streptococcus). One animal we have not been able to clear, we are treating with ‘in teat’ antibiotics. I did 15 tests in June and July. This is our calving time now, and on two occasions we have been able to begin early treatment following a test on cows with their calves before the infections became serious, and possibly chronic. The beauty of the RT10 is that we are able…

It really has been invaluable

  • by Bruce Prentice - Genevieve Jerseys
  • , Woodville, ON
When a DHI report shows a high SCC count, I test individual quarters. The device complements the monthly reporting. I also find it very useful for herd replenishment. I can use it when purchasing cows to test the cow on-the-spot or when I replenish the herd internally, testing fresh cows. I find the device so easy to use and have become so enamoured with it that I brought it along to one of my county milk producer meetings and did a couple of tests. Before I realized it, I had about a dozen farmers gathered around me asking questions about…

Paid for itself

  • by James Wenger - Augusta Co.
  • , Staunton, Va.
I bought the unit two years ago and it has become a very important management tool on our farm. We can check any questionable cow, and have the information we need before the cow leaves the parlor, and milk goes into the tank. We use it when we bring fresh cows in the milking line, and are able to know their SCC status in less than a minute. We feel the unit has paid for itself in less than a year on the milk we saved and put in tank. If I want to look at the information in more…

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