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Have a Service business, or need to manage Service Calls, or Work Orders? Are you in HVAC repair, Plumbing, Property Management, Electrical, or a thousand other service oriented trades? mpengo ServiceCall is for you! Use your iPad to do your work on-site without taking notes back to the office, and get sign-off on your work and your invoice produced electronically on the spot.


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I am a General Contractor specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodels as well as home upgrades. Quite often I will get a call for a repair or a simple upgrade that the home owner does not want an estimate (because of the size of the job), and that is where I use my "Mpengo Service Car app. This is the best app ever for these kinds of calls. I show up, do the work, and invoice the customer right then and there. I hand my iPad over to my customer, they sign it, write me a check, or pay me cash, and then I complete the call by sending them their receipt. All this before I ever leave their home....MORE

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mpengo TimePaths

Do you need to work up a schedule for your project, either for yourself or for your customer? Does the complexity of other scheduling type programs make you shudder? mpengo TimePaths is for you!

Use your iPad to prepare a clean, easy to read and understand project schedule without all of the confusion of other programs, yet with all the functionality you require.     Learn More...

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mpengo ServiceCall


mpengo Quotes

mpengo Quotes for the mobile professional who needs to prepare detailed project estimates and formal quotations instantly with all the information you need at your fingertips. Learn More..  For Apple iPad  BuyButtonSmall1




mpengo LawnCare  
With mpengo LawnCare, you can keep track of all work done for your clients in one place - on your iPhone or iPad. Learn More..

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mpengo Project

mpengo Project to manage your entire project immediately and on-site

For those in the building trades, interior design, or landscape architecture, mpengo Project helps you manage your project from end to end.

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mpengo Snow

mpengo Snow for those in snow removal businesses to manage and keep track of the work done for clients.

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mpengo GloveBox
– the perfect iPhone and iPad app to keep track of – almost everything



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mpengo ServiceCall


mpengo ServiceCall – uses your iPad to totally replace your Work Order book, Address Book, and Pricing table to effectively manage a Service Call / Work Order from start to finish on-site.         

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mpengo ServiceCall for iPad

mpengo ServiceCall uses your iPad to totally replace your Work Order book, Address Book, and Pricing table to effectively manage a Service Call / Work Order from start to finish on-site. Record the call, the problem, the work performed, the time taken, the materials used, additional charges, and create a custom work order / invoice for the customer to approve and sign-off – right on the iPad! Then, email or print a copy for the customer.

mpengo ServiceCall even lets you run a variety of reports to help manage your business.  You can also create invoice copies and copies of data for your office records.

You can use mpengo ServiceCall as a stand-alone app, or synchronize with other technicians’ iPads.  mpengo ServiceCall will also integrate with our soon to be released  cloud-based Dispatch Board to have your dispatcher automatically update your iPads with Service Calls / Work Orders.

Plumbers, HVAC techs, Property Managers, Hotels, Electricians, Carpenters, or if you have your own Service-Based Business – take advantage of what mpengo ServiceCall can do for you!


mpengo ServiceCall brings you:

- Ease of use: within minutes, your app is configured and you are ready to manage your Service Calls / Work Orders. There’s even an installed sample to let you play with and get comfortable with the app

- Signature capture of customer approval, and technician signature for confirmation of charges and work performed

- Rates/Price tables for quick entry of charges

- Integrated eMail so you can send reports, invoices, and datasets

- Paperfree, or Printed: you can email copies of work orders and invoices to your customer and home office, or if you have access to a wireless printer in your truck, print invoices directly

- Time Keeping: if you record times in and out, while you are recording the work done, you can get timesheet reports to help with labor and payroll management

- A variety of reports and accounting copies for your home office records simplify record keeping

- An option to integrate with a ‘cloud’-based dispatch board that can be synchronized with iPads for all your technicians in the field

With mpengo ServiceCall, you can:

Manage customer information including customer notes

A quick tap lets you review a history of previous calls and work done

Tap a quick button for an instant map to your customer’s address

Standardize pricing across your service calls with rates/pricing tables

Quickly and easily record material and labor charges on the call for invoicing

Import Customers and Rates/Pricing tables from your PC spreadsheets

Obtain signature approval of the work done for invoicing

Receive and acknowledge customer payments made

Email completed jobs and invoices to your customers

Synchronize your iPad with others in your organization

Export invoice register and timesheet info in a spreadsheet compatible format


Available Now...

Dispatch Board for mpengo ServiceCall
An incredible combination for any service business

Imagine all of the benefits of mpengo ServiceCall AND the ability to link yourself and others with your own personal dispatch system!

Dispatch board for mpengo ServiceCall lets you manage all the calls for you and others in the field.

Accessible by browser on any computer or tablet, simply sign-in and manage the Service business for everyone on the road. Dispatch Board allows you to plan and allocate service calls to everyone with mpengo ServiceCall on their iPad. One central dispatcher can manage and track your current work on-line. Calls can be accepted, and technicians assigned when received, and a confirmation is sent back to Dispatch Board from the technician when the work is completed and the call is closed. A copy of the customer invoice will even be sent back to you for record-keeping. An extensive list of reporting and analysis features round out this comprehensive cloud-based system.

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