Food and Nutrition Apps for Health and Weight Loss

Feel good naked! We’re an online program to teach you how to balance four essential nutrients so you can continually burn fat and lose inches.

Food Lover

A revolutionary food and nutrition app that’s becoming the standard in North America. A new & easy way to optimize balanced and nutritious food choices that meet Canada’s Food Guide recommendations. Great for families who want to explore better health and people who want to lose weight.

Balanced Café


Welcome to the Balanced Café app where you EAT to burn fat rather than starve to try to lose weight!

It’s no secret that fat loss and weight loss are NOT the same process. Fat loss = a happy body releasing stored fat. The unhappy body will NOT permanently give up body fat when it is dieting (a.k.a trying to lose weight).

Balanced Café uses 4 the Luv of Food’s (4tlof’s) Balance Factor to kickstart your metabolism and permit your body to give up stored body fat. The simple task of tracking your meals produces graphs that quickly convey whether you are eating enough calories and balancing those carbs, proteins, and fats.

Fat loss means less fat! Weight loss means less water! Fat is light, water is heavy! Healthy and lean means less body fat, NOT necessarily less weight.

Balanced Café guides you to make meals that you enjoy, that control your appetite and that prevent cravings and reckless snacking. Get additional info with our companion website: recipes, blogs, nutritional information, and meal planning at 4 the Luv of Food Café (

Come on into Balanced Café where the Luv of Food and balanced eating changes your attitude towards food forever!


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