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Be more creative. mpengo Designer lets you bring your whole office to a client’s location so you can do all of your administrative work on-site, saving time to let you do what you do best.

Now you can manage projects from start to finish with the tools an interior designer needs. Do your costing and produce quotes immediately and on-site; manage and present products selected specifically for your client; and keep all project details - from notes to payments - at your fingertips.

Client change requests are easier than ever to manage. You can cost and create an estimate, obtain sign-off with mpengo Ltd’s signature capture, and monitor your new total project costs and profit in real time.

mpengo Designer is multi-user and multi-project. If you want to share with colleagues, you can sync data to make it easy to collaborate and manage all of the projects in your business.
It’s also an amazing value. It’s fully supported with NO additional fees. There are no monthly fees, sharing of data is free, support is free, upgrades are free, and there are no in-app purchases to make it work.

mpengo Designer is Available on the App Store for $34.99

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  • Introducing mpengo Designer
    mpengo Ltd. is offering mpengo Designer at a price of $34.99. It’s an amazing value which includes our industry leading 24/7 support and all future upgrades. And, there are no ongoing fees or fees for data sharing with colleagues.
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  • Product Sourcing at your fingertips
    mpengo Designer lets you store product sourcing information for your reference. You can select some or all images and email these to clients to make product decision making easier than ever before.
  • Change is inevitable.
    Create change requests instantly and obtain sign-off immediately and on-site with your clients. mpengo Ltd’s unique Signature Approval helps ensure that all work and pricing is agreed upon. Invoicing surprises are a thing of the past.
  • Track it All
    mpengo Designer helps you keep track of your entire project, from meeting notes and tasks to work done, invoices, and receipts. With a tap of your finger, you’ll stay on top of all of your projects.
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